Cellars from the 22 wine regions of Hungary.

Pannonhalmi Apátsági Cellar

The grapes from the vineyards of the Abbey Winery Pannonhalma are processed in the new cellar and wine house of almost 2000 square meter floor-space, located at the south-eastern foot of Saint Martin’s Hill, adjacent to the monastery.
St. Andrea

The wine cellar is one of the important role-players of the Eger Wine Region, where farming is carried out on 40 hectares at present.

János Konyári graduated at the Horticultural University in 1974. He started to work at the Balatonboglár State Farm until 1990, occupying different positions.
Légli Géza

We visited Géza Légli, who is attracting more and more attention both in the media and in gastronomy circles.
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Endre Szaszi worked in the Badacsonyi Winery. Later, following the years spent as wine dealer, he settled down on Saint George-mountain in 1999,...