Cellars from the 22 wine regions of Hungary.


The owners of Jasdi Wine Cellar manage the best fields of this wine region, areas measuring 15 hectares altogether.

The plantations are located on the spectacular slopes of the Villány Hills, including the winery on Black Hill (Fekete-hegy) in Kisharsány, lying in the heart of Dobogó vineyard.
Tokaj - Oremus

Tokaj Oremus is proud of its 115 hectares of vineyards located in such beautiful places as the Mandulás and Kútpatka strips.

The Thummerer Cellar is a family business engaged to grape and wine growing since 1984. It makes its wines from the harvest of their own, nearly 80 hectares of estate, located in the Eger Region.

The Disznokő (Boar stone) estate was named after the rock hiding beside the belvedere that reminded of the shape of a wild boar in the past, at least according to local people.