Wine tastings from the 22 wine regions of Hungary.

It has a deep purple color, in its scent the sour cherry is easy to smell. Fruity, and has a strong fullness and alcohol content.

It has a deep purple color, slightly spicy, mature scent. It is a mixture of kekfrankos, merlot and portugieser. Moderate fullness can be felt in its flavor. Its vivid acids are not disturbing. Succulent wine, great to drink.

Light golden hue and fruity citrus aroma. Tasting this wine reveals vibrantly crisp bouquet with bright acidity, the presence of alcohol remains in the background.
Tiffán - Portugieser 2012

Rubin red color. Lots of fruits in its aroma. In its palate fruits are almost bitable, with soft tannins and impressive acidity.
Szeleshát - Kékfrankos 2008

Medium intensity ruby hue with the aroma of herbs. Cherry and plum flavor enhanced by smoked oak notes, derived from the barrel. Dynamic, pleasant table wine for weekday meals.