Hilltop The company was founded in 1991 by Éva Keresztury, Imre Török, Judit Storcz and Akos Kamocsay, who are still at the helm of Hilltop Neszmely today, working together with a staff which has grown to 100 people. It all began with the purchase of the cellars in Neszmely. This team turned it, together with the red wine production site in Császár, into a winery operating with 21st-century technology. These brilliant, fruit-driven wines were received highly favorably in the steadily expanding British market. Hilltop became the most successful Hungarian supplier to the British market long ago. The sales of wines bearing the Hilltop Neszmély brand move between 5 and 8 million bottles annually.
Besides exports, the Hungarian market has also been growing dynamically. Today we sell one million bottles of wine in the domestic market. Hilltop wines can be found on the shelves of all major food stores and wine merchants, and are served in many hotels and elegant restaurants.”

Web: http://www.hilltop.hu

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