St. Andrea

St. Andrea The Egerszalók wine cellar established in 1999 and located at the foot of the Öreg-hegy mountain is managed by Dr. György Lőrincz.

The wine cellar is one of the important role-players of the Eger Wine Region, where farming is carried out on 40 hectares at present.

On the plantations of St. Andrea 5-10 thousand vine-stocks can be found per hectare. The fruits coming from this area are processed with traditional methods, with yield limitation. Wine growing is doing a conscious discovery work as well: it continuously looks for such flavors that are unique and characteristic, typical only for the given production site.

Their intention is to re-create the characteristics of the Egri Bikavér (Eger Bull Blood) and the other wines of Eger with the help of traditional wine growing. The St. Andrea property wines, following the old tradition are the: Akutyafáját, Áldas, Merengő, Napbor, Örökké, Rose.

There are vineyards in more slopes of the area: Paptag, Ferenchegy, Kovaszo, Kiseged, Magyalos, Boldogságos, Hangács and Nagyeged.


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