Tokaj Oremus

Tokaj - Oremus Tokaj Oremus in Tolcsva, in the northeast of Hungary, is one of the best-known villages of the Tokaj-Hegyalja region.
Tokaj Oremus is proud of its 115 hectares of vineyards located in such beautiful places as the Mandulás and Kútpatka strips. These first class vineyards are part of the heritage of noble families, such as the Rákóczi, Szirmay and Dessewffly families. The vine, planted at the foot of the mountains, at an altitude below 200 meters above sea level, is safely protected from the northerly wind and, at the same time, is exposed to abundant sunshine. These factors, combined with the work of the winegrower and the winemaker – holders of family secrets passed on from father to son – bound to produce top quality wines.Web:

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