Balatonfured Wine Weeks 2012

Photo: Balatonfüred Wine Weeks will be held again this year on 4-26 August. This traditional event celebrates delicious wines of the Balatonfüred-Csopak region, located on the Balaton highland. Balatonfüred Wine Weeks have been organized in every August over long-long time. During the three weeks of festivity winemakers offer their products to the public from cozy tents erected along the Tagore esplanade.
New members of the Wine Guild will be knighted after the opening ceremony to be held on the Kisfaludy-stage. The Concert Brass Band of the City of Balatonfüred will also appear on the ceremony.
Rich cultural and folklore programs will be offered on every evening of the festivities, also presented on the Kisfaludy-stage. A peasant arts and crafts market will be held along the Tagore esplanade during the entire period of the Wine Weeks.


Szabó és Fia cellar
Horváth winehouse
Figula cellar
Jásdi cellar
Szalay cellar
Múzsa winehouse
Miklós cellar
Fodorvin cellar
Koczor winery
Mészáros cellar
Balogh cellar

Badacsonyi winery
Ferenc cellar
Lajos Piffáth
Koronczai cellar
Feind winehouse
Söptei cellar
Petrányi cellar
Dobosi cellar
Gyukli cellar
Béla Fodor
Hudák cellar
Lídia winehouse



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