Portugieser du Monde 2014

The Pécsi Borozó wine magazine is organizing a Portugieser exhibition and wine tasting. The organizers would like to draw attention to this fruity red wine, made of a grape variety common, first of all, in Central Europe.
The event, to be held on 25 and 26 April, will be hosted by the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter at Pécs. On the first day an international panel of judges will asses submitted samples. On the second day the general public will have an opportunity to taste the selection and to socialize with producers. The organizers published the following announcement:

Portugieser du Monde 2014

Portugieser du Monde 2014

Date: 10 April 2014
Location: Zsolnay Cultural Quarter of Pécs, Hungary

The Portugieser variety is spread across Central Europe, called either Portugizer, Portugizac, Portugalka, Blauer Portugieser or Modry Portugal. It would be very nice to see all ranges of these wines at one. We organise the international Portugieser variety competition for the second time this year, on the first day of our event. The wines compete at an international jury on 25 April.

Wines may be submitted to the Portugieser du Monde competition in the following three categories:

1, young Portugiesers (vintage of 2013);
2, vintage Portugiesers (vintages 2012 or earlier);
3, blends with a min. 25 percent Portugieser-content

Portugieser Wine Festival – International Tasting of the Variety

Date: 26 April 2014
Location: Zsolnay Cultural Quarter of Pécs, Hungary

Last year more than 20 Portugieser producers of two countries presented themselves at the event to great success. This year, from 15 to 20 o’clock 26 April 2014, the Central European producers of Portugieser will be introduced to the public, in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter of Pécs, Hungary.

Entry requirement: having at least one Portugieser wine among the products. Participants may offer up to 3 types of wines for tasting to the guests. A maximum of 300 tickets are issued to the tasting, plus wine journalists and professionals are expected to participate.

Please submit the application form to the tasting of the variety to: portugieser@pecsiborozo.hu

For more information:
Web: http://www.pecsiborozo.hu/blog/portugieser_du_monde_2014
E-mail: portugieser@pecsiborozo.hu



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