Summer Picnic – Etyek 2013

Etyek Picnic 2013 This wine festival, to be held 8-9 June 2013, will focus on letcho (pepper and paprika stew, a Hungarian specialty) and on rose, which is the best wine to accompany this dish.Open cellars, excellent wines and traditional hospitality. In the last few years Etyek was put on the map of discerned wine lovers not only by its wines, but also by its high-quality festivals and programs. In the past Etyek was the proud holder of the title of Budapest’s Vineyard; this year it is one of the forerunners.
The location of the village is exceptional favorable to attract visitors not only from the capital, but also from the wider vicinity.

Doors of the cellars will be wide open to visitors looking for good Hungarian wines. Small cellars in Kecskegödör (Goat Pit), Újhegy (New Hill), Öreghegy (Old Hill) and Körpincesor (Circular Cellars) echo tales from several centuries. More and more high-quality cellars appear in this region; digging deep into this wide selection may return unexpected results. If you like green veltelini, Királyleányka (king’s daughter), sauvignon blanc or an exciting pinot noir, you must be in Etyeken on 8-9 June.

Detailed program of the Etyek Picnic and the map of location of interests are available free of charge at every Information Point and wine cellars. Tasting glasses can be purchased at the Information Points.

Although the present profile and borders of the Etyek-Buda wine region have been established only since 1990, there are notes from medieval times referring to excellent and popular wines in this region. Mostly white varieties are grown in Etyek and its vicinity.
Limestone layers of various ages and different weathering provide excellent foundation for producing raw materials for champagnes or for white wines with excellent structures. Lime in the substrata, loess and clay-marls intrusions provide wide variety of exciting conditions for producing grapes.


8-9 June 2013.

Tasting of Wines and Local products of the Etyek Region.

Gradowski Estate
Garaguly Estate
László Árpás Cellar
Halmi Cellar
Zarándok Cellar
Szépvölgyön ÁT Cellár
Kácsor „Kíra” Cellar
Berényi Cellar
Debreczeni Cellar
Krisán Cellar
Rókusfalvy Estate


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