White Truffle Festival 2011

Sellye White Truffle Fest is organized in Sellye in the weekend, 7-8 October. On the square in front of the Thermal Bath guests are awaited with concerts, professional programs, for the evening the organizers have a curiosity: the menu selection is created by Lajos Bíró, Gergő Csonka, György Lang and Viktor Segal.
“The gold of the Ormansag is the white truffle” – declares the instigator of the event, József Szakács. This species of truffle that can be found here in Ormansag, can even be a point of break-out in this region, but also a good opportunity to make people be attracted to this kind of food. One of the aims of the event is popularization, since despite its legendary high price, it is not unavailable and unaffordable.

7 Oktober

Location: area in front of thermal bath, Sellye

„The white truffle is the golden product of the Ormansag region.”

– 15.00 p.m.: Opening ceremony on the main stage
– 15.15 p.m.: Truffle ecumenical mass – in the great tent
– 16.00 p.m.: Professional Conference in Pagony Restaurant, dinner, tasting, informal discussion
– 20.00 p.m.: Gypsy music, wining

Detailed programme of professional conference:
– Welcoming
– The white truffle (Tuber Magnatum)
– The truffle of “Homok” (Terfezia Terfeziodes) as a Hungaricum
– The gastronomic importance of truffle
– Truffle-hunting with dogs, dog-owner relationship, psychological-ethological connections
– The protection of forests, policies
– Milan Grinder – Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
– Gabriella di Massimo – Agricultural university of Perugia
– Marian Miko, Jan Gazo – Agricultural University Slovakia – Nitra
– Zoltán Bratek – E.L.T.E.
– Mecsekerdő Company Ltd.
– József Szakács – Vagoemt Ltd.
– Attila Fekete – Transilvania

– Welcome drink – homemade brandy (pálinka)
– Special dinner made of truffles and venison, according to the taste of the three star chefs
– The chefs are: Lajos Bíró – Bock Diner, Viktor Segal, Szása – Golden Caviar Restaurant

Full price of professional day (including dinner, accommodation, field work): HUF 11900
Dinner with conference (without accommodation and breakfast): HUF 4900

8th of Oktober

9.00 a.m.: Opening of fair – Hunting horn players of County Baranya
Craftsmen fair, mushroom fair, wine tasting, brandy (pálinka) tasting, display of delicacies
9.00 a.m. – 11.00 a.m.: Professional, scientific field work in the neighbouring forests
– “Outlaw” training for children – thanks to the “outlaws”
– Pony riding
– Presentation of Ormansag nuptial (traditional wedding)
– Rózsabimbó (child) Folk Dance Group
– Outlaw show
– Honvéd Bakony Dance Group
11.00 a.m. – 13.00 p.m.: preparing of truffle dishes, tasting with the participation of famous chefs

13.00 p.m.: Truffle hunting with dogs (12 fields)
– Falconry show
– Arrow Shower Tradition-keeping Archer Association, Sásd
– Romonya Folk Dance Group
17.00 p.m.: Announcement of truffle hunting dog competition
– 17.30 p.m.: raffle with valuable prizes
– at about 18.00 p.m.: Concert – LGT Tribute Band
– at about 21.00 p.m.: Nihil Chips concert
– from 22.00 p.m.: Crumbs party

Accommodation in the area:
– VM DASZK Hostel, 00 36 73 480 234
– Petra Guest House, 4 Vár Street, Sellye – 00 36 30 262 5950
– www.dravapartivendeghaz.hu
– www.oregdrava.hu

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For more information:
Web: http://www.feherszarvasgombafesztival.freewb.hu/