“Fesztiválkatlan” is inaugurated in Tokaj

“Fesztiválkatlan” is an attractive investment serving tourist in the region of Tokaj-Hegyalja and Zemplén. This project will accommodate important wine festivals to be held in the wine region of Tokaj-Hegyalja.

Festivalkatlan TokajPhoto:http://epiteszforum.hu/

Selection of this location originated from the idea of utilizing the abandoned, multi-level rock quarry. This complex comprises three parts: The large, 1305 m2 open-air theater provides the bulk of the complex; the position and geometry of the auditorium is determined by the view of the most spectacular section of the quarry wall. The Greek theater – built from local quarry waste – can accommodate 500 viewers. If necessary, this theater can be covered. Service areas follow the curved shape of the quarry, where changing rooms, coffee shops, offices, VIP rooms, storages etc. are provided.

Architecture of the buildings is simple and practical, using rustic, local materials. Preservation of the remaining, spectacular quarry wall played significant role in the design. The orientation of facilities sustains the magnificent view of the quarry wall, which can be enhanced with programmable lights.

In essence, the building complex serving the above functions is a multi-function “playground” installed on the bottom of a huge quarry.

For further information and photo gallery please visit the homepage of “Festivalkatlan”.



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