Harvest 2012

Harvest 2012The summary of final hungarian harvest reports prepared by the Councils of Wine Regions indicated that 277 515 t grape was collected from almost 51 663 ha land; whilst they expected 324 250 t from 58 634 ha.

The harvest resulted in 2 019 920.8 hl (hectoliter) new wine, which represents 1 898 724.8 hl wine after two racking off the residue to make the wine suitable for consumption.

The lower figure of harvested land is the result of frosts occurred in the winter/spring period, which practically destroyed the fruits. In addition, a few vineyards were abandoned. The damage made by frost was compounded by the lack of rain, which also contributed to the 20 % reduction in comparison to the 2011 harvest.

Although the warm autumn helped in ripening the grapes, the volume of the fruit was reduced. The quality and general condition of harvested grapes were excellent. There were no problems at all with the health of plants. The low precipitation significantly limited the volume of grapes suitable for making aszú (soaking over-ripe grapes in wine).