Hungarian harvest forecast 2013

Hungarian harvest 2013 In 2013 good quality and large quantities of grapes are expected in most wine regions of Hungary.

István Tascher, President of the Hillside Vineyards told us: Grapes in the Sopron region are making up the loss of previous years: the harvest of Irsai Olivér (white wine) may commence in two weeks. In case of most of the varieties, such as chardonnay, pinot noir and zweigelt, growers expect more than ten tons harvest per hectare, with the exception of their most famous variety, the kékfrankos, which will probably yield only seven tons.

The President of the Council of Vineyards of the Szekszárd region, Zoltán Heimann expects less grapes but good quality this year: “This has been a very difficult year with lots of precipitation, winter weather in March and frequent heat waves in springtime. We experienced two hailstorms in May, followed by low temperatures during the flowering season.” Despite the problems, good harvest of red grapes is expected. He added that although the quantity is lower, the restriction on production could be an advantage.

The President of the Council of Vineyards of the historical Tokaj-hegyalja region, Miklós Prácser told that growers and winemakers expect lower yields, but good quality grapes.
5800 hectares in this region could yield approximately 30 000 tons of grapes. Heavy rains fallen earlier mitigate the problem of the current heat wave in this region. Miklós Prácser announced: “We expect an early harvest and this early ripening is favorable for producing good aszú grapes (over-ripe grapes left on the vines)”. He added that this would be very desirable, because last year, although the quality was good, the yield was low.

In Baranya, in the Villány wine region, growers expect medium yield of extremely high quality grapes from 2650 hectares, comprised of 80 % red and 20 % white varieties.
Bock József, President of the Council of Vineyards of the Villány region told us, that although the cold spell in spring damaged varieties with fragrance and kékfrankos and merlot grapes, current high temperatures will not cause more damage. The President believes that the first harvest may start in the beginning or in the middle of September.

Balázs Hangyál, Controller of Vineyards reported: Growers expect large quantity of high quality grapes in the Pannonhalma region too. He added, that although neither the cold spell in spring nor the extreme heat in the last few weeks had any negative impact on grapes, high temperatures in the future may cause problems.