Tokaj is ranked among the best places in the world

Tokaj-HegyaljaThe US-published Wine Enthusiast Magazine ranked Tokaj among the 10 best wine tourism destinations in the world. In accordance with the magazine, the region is famous not only for its wines, but also for gastronomic specialties and several other programs.
Please visit Tokaj – informs the magazine – not only for tasting wines, but also for culinary specialties and natural beauties, including several programs offered to visitors. Biking, kayaking on the river Bodrog and walking in the Zemplén hills should be explored. The article is based on first-hand experience and offers wineries, restaurants and hotels as well. They agree that the statement of Louis XIV – “wine of kings, the king of wines” is not an exaggeration when talking about Tokaj’s famous wine, the so-called “aszú”. But the specialists emphasize that not only the aszú, but other wines should be tasted. (