VinCE 2011, Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal, Budapest, 19-20th March

VinCE is for everybody who appreciates high-quality wine and looks for excellence in all products, be it a pastry or mineral water.
While serving an unparalleled experience for wine lovers, VinCE is a must for all stakeholders of the profession. Sommeliers may meet winemakers face-to-face and the experience they gain during tasting together might later become entertaining stories to share with their guests at the table. Restaurant owners are given the chance to compile their full wine list during the event selecting from among the best bottles. For those who still study wine, the exhibition is nothing less than the knowledge centre of wine. Winemakers will finally receive the long-awaited answers and potential solutions to their most pressing questions and problems. And for wine lovers it is the ultimate paradise with no desire to leave.



Warren Winiarski, California, USA
Lynne Sherriff MW, United Kingdom
Sarah Jane Evans MW, United Kingdom
Denis-Roland Billecart, Champagne, France
Olivier Humbrecht MW, France
Omar Honigh, United Kingdom
István Szepsy, Tokaj, Hungary
Konstantinos Lazarakis MW, Greece
Rowan Gormley, United Kingdom
Zsolt Zólyomi, Hungary
László Romsics, Hungary
Sándor Zwack, Hungary
Sarah Jane Evans MW
Krisztián Grecsó, Hungary
Donald Sinclair Edwards, United Kingdom
János & Angelika Árvay, Tokaj, Hungary
Attila & Andrea Gere, Villány, Hungary
János & Dániel Konyári, Dél-Balaton, Hungary
Gabriella & Ryan Opaz
Rodrigo Plass, Chile
Ágnes Herczeg
Endre Kántor
András Horkay
Gabriella Mészáros
Szabolcs Lukacs
Csaba Malatinszky


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