Whitsun Open Cellar Days 2013

Whitsun Open Cellar Days 2013 On 18-19-20 May 2013 more than 100 cellars will open their doors to wine lovers all over the country. Almost every wine region in Hungary will participate in this event, where visitors can peek behind the scenes of wineries, wine cellars, wine house, “vinotekas” and wine restaurants.
The aim of Open Cellar Days is, besides offering information about various wine regions, to enhance direct human relations. The Association of Open Cellars, the Bacchus Arts Studio and the Hungarian Tourism Zrt. will participate in organizing the eighth Open Cellar Days on the Whitsun weekend.

On this weekend anyone may enter into cellars listed on www.nyitottpince.hu and www.itthon.hu without registration. Not only wines will be offered, but winemakers will also be available for chatting. On Saturday, Sunday and Monday hungarian wine lovers can participate in cellar tours, where the highest-ranking cellars and small, handcrafted winemakers will reveal their secrets. Cellars participating in the event will be open at least two out of the three days between 10 AM and 7 PM. The owner, the winemaker or expert staff will welcome all casual guests. At least 3 kinds of wines will be available for tasting at 10-50 % discount. In addition to discount tastings, guests may visit the vineyard and the cellar. Needless to say, fine food will be offered with the wines.

The highest number of cellars will be open in the Balatonfüred-Csopak, Tokaj, Mór and Szekszárd regions, but more than 100 other cellars all over the country will also welcome visitors looking for wine tasting and information. Map of the Whitsun Open Cellar Days will be available on Android and iOS smart phones as well. Using the QR-code these smart phones will help in locating the cellar nearest to the caller with the help of the Internet.