Bikaver tour – Szekszard

1st Day

• Arrival in the early hours of the morning.
• Sightseeing in Szekszárd with a travel guide – KING Béla square, Babits Memorial House, Downtown Church, Holy Trinity statue, Old County Hall, Wine well, from which – on demand – red and white wine flows.
• „Our Sweet Memories”: a Museum of Gingerbread, Tallow-chandler and Candy Manufacturing. Guests can taste the fine pieces of the confectionery.
• Wine tasting in the historic wine cellar of the town, the Garay cellar, with a walk around the cellar and a wine show.
• After that sightseeing continues: the civic houses of the walking street, Garay square, Augusz-house, Prometheus-park, House of Arts, Wosinsky Mór Museum, Kálvária, from where one can see a beautiful view of Szekszárd, and to the vine plantations of the historic wine region surrounding the town.
Bodri wine cellar , a little taste of the wines of this cellar at the Bodri Wine and Fishermen Ranch with fish dishes for lunch.
• A walk on the wine cellar row of Istifán, which is the only cellar row in Szekszárd, with wine tasting in one of the cellars.
• Visit to the Bogár ranch found on the Szekszárd grapes mountain, which contains an ethnographic private collection presenting the Sárköz, where the visitors can get to know the old relic tools of wine manufacturing.
• Visit to the Takler wine cellar together with wine tasting
• Dinner and accommodation on the Fritz Ranch (max. 25 people): wine show, wine tasting at candle light in the wine sanctuary, music, dance, entertainment. (In the case of a larger group, dinner and treat in the Mészáros Wine House or the Eszterbauer Wine House, accommodation at the Hotel Zodiaco or Motel Sió in comfortable 4 or 6-bed apartments (or in the pension of any of the wine cellars).

2nd Day

• Walk along Kadarka and Fürdőház street, where typical old Szekszárd-style cellars can be found. Taking a look around in the Dúzsi Cellar, including wine tasting, wine show and cheese bowl.
• The direction is Harc, where we visit the Brill Market Palinka (brandy) manufacture, tasting of these noble drinks (odalisk and marc palinka). On our way there we stop at the Vesztergombi wine cellar (Route 6 towards Pécs), wine tasting, wine show, wine snacks.
• On the way back it is worth stopping at the Szentgál-grape hill, and look at the exclusive Szent (Saint) Gaál Palace (from outside), and to taste the wines of the Szent Gaál wine cellar in the Barrique Wine House. In the Hall of Knights with medieval atmosphere there is an opportunity to arrange a great medieval feast (for max. 28 people), or:
• Sióagárd, (6 km from Szekszárd) the vine plantations of which parish also belong to the Szekszárd Historic Wine region. After visiting the folklore museum a walk in the Sióagárd-Leányvár cellar village, which proudly possesses 340 cellars and press house, and is one of the old cellar villages with the highest historical value. Following a look around in the Embroidery Museum the guests can take part in a renaissance royal feast in the Margaret Cellar, with the contribution of János Faddi Varga, royal chef (min. 10 people, max. 50 people).
• Occupation of accommodation.

3rd Day

• After breakfast excursion to the Gemenc Forest (dinkey, trek on foot, horse carriage, in the case of a smeller group catamaran (max. 6 people). Visit to the Trophy Museum and then a trek on the Bárányfoki study-path with a guide
• Visit to the Baron von Twickel Vine Property getting acquainted with the wines of the cellar.



H-7100 Szekszárd, Szent István tér 10.
Tel.: 74/529-6111 Fax: 74/529-615

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