Somlói Apátsági Cellar

Somloi Aptasagi Cellar The cellar was purchased from the family Fazekas in 2001, and formed their present landed property of 3 hectares out of almost a dozen parcels. On the majority of the land re-plantation has already been done. Most of the work in the grape fields is done manually. Thanks to the continuous presence and care, plant protection is applied at the minimum possible level, using environmentally friendly plant protecting agents. Grapes are harvested only at the state of perfect ripeness, and after pecking and grinding, the grapes are soaked as long as necessary but usually for one day. In the wooden barrels they ferment their wines spontaneously. The barrel stock of the cellar ranges from 50L to 2000L barrels. On the 3 hectares of the landed property roughly 15000 vines of grapes are cultivated. Their main breeds are the hárslevelű, furmint and juhfark, there are roughly 4000 vines per breed. On the remaining land tramini, olaszrizling and about half a dozen other breeds are grown, these others are experimental ones.


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