Thummerer The Thummerer Cellar is a family business engaged to grape and wine growing since 1984.

It makes its wines from the harvest of their own, nearly 80 hectares of estate, located in the Eger Region. 80% of the grape plantations are blue grapes, and 20% are white grapes.

They harvest Áfrika, Vidra, Mész-hegy hills of Eger, Tekenőhát, Kőkötő, Csókás hills of Noszvaj and the Juszalagos hills of Novaj.

The estate is continuously growing and expanding by planting new vineyards. Technology is complemented with state of the art and top of the class equipment and machinery. The exclusive aim is to achieve top quality and to create one additional wine specialty eachyear to expand the range of products.

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