12. Autumn in Tokaj

This year guests of the “Autumn in Tokaj” will have an opportunity to taste the best hungarian wines retrieved from the hidden corners of cellars built several hundreds of years ago.

Tokaj Autumn 2015Photo: www.tokajiosz.hu

Needless to say, special dishes will be offered by the best kitchens in the region. More than 20 winemakers from Hegyalja will participate in this event.

At the Szepsy Wine Diner – to be held on 18 September – selected Tokaj wines will be accompanied by creations of chefs from Costes (a Michelin-start restaurant), Onyx and Wine Kitchen. This 5-course diner will be offered in the Aszúház at Mád, which – with its currently opened wine archives and wine safe – will provide virtual games aimed to show how to make aszú.

Participants of this Gala Diner will witness a world premier: Georg Riedel, the owner of the Austrian Riedel Glass Works, will reveal his custom-made Tokaj Furmint glasses, which will, for sure, conquer the world after this three-day event.

On 19 September (Saturday) winemakers from Tokaj-Hegyalja will guide guests to professional wine tastings. These tastings will be presented both in the morning and afternoon to groups of 20-25 people. The Wine Bar will be opened from 6 PM in the Education Center of Mád.

As shown in the program, on 20 September (Sunday) guest may join to the exclusive tour of local cellars; they may select one of the three routes and winemakers.

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