Bikaver Festival Eger 2011

Eger This year is the 15th anniversary for the wineries of Eger Wine Region to come together in order to march up the best bikaver wines. Year by year it is a very important event as bikaver is one of the most well-known brand of the region. Though there was the time when the products of contemporary wine production rumpled the brand name. However, the bikavér made in experts’ hands are good, this is the aim to show the visitors of Egri Bikaver Festival. As Bikaver Festival is the celebration of creative work, results and investigating solutions. A new feature of the festival this year will be the presence of “Egri Csillag” whites from vintage 2010 besides the bikaver.

Good wine and good food desires each other. A long-standing and popular tradition of Bikaver Festival is the creation of food by the best restaurants of Eger and surroundings matching with the wines. One bikavér, one food.

This year we move to a more spacious location. We really hope, in succession to the nice scene of Dobo square, the shady, green milieu of “Ersekkert” (Bishop’s garden) will take the fancy of visitors.


7th July Thursday

5.30 p.m
Ethnofil concert

7.00 p.m
Gajdos band

9.00 p.m
“Zsola & Vad Orchideák” Band

8th July Friday

5.00 p.m
“Egri Obsitos” Brass Band

5.30 p.m
Fanfare – Ceremonial Opening, Awards Ceremony

7.00 p.m
Dixieland Band of Miskolc

9.00 p.m
Majsai Gábor and Fehérvár Big Band

9th July Saturday

4.00 p.m
Competition of tractor drivers, tractor beauty contest

5.00 p.m
Youth Brass Band of Vác

6.00 p.m
Wine Knights Initiation Ceremony by The Knights’ order of Wine of European Union -Consulat Hungarian, Legat Eger

7.00 p.m
Wine & Fashion Show – Eger

8.30 p.m
Budapest Bar concert

10.30 p.m
“Rejtező” Band

10th July Sunday

2.00 p.m
At the statute of Saint Donatus in “Donat Cru” – Prayer to Saint Donatus for a good harvest , Performances of Egri Csillagok and Dobó Katica Folk Music Clubs

4.30 p.m
Performances of “Egerszalóki Rozmaring” traditional saving
Women’s chorus and “Egerszalóki Borvirág” men’s chorus

5.00 p.m
Competition of sample-tubing Egri Bikavér

6.00 p.m
Caliana Nessma Belly Dance Company

6.30 p.m
Announcement of results of Egri Csillag legendarian’s competition;
Best matching meal and Egri Bikavér combination of the festival
Award ceremony

7.00 p.m
Performance of Egri Csillagok Folk Music Club&Agria Gypsy Band

9.00 p.m
Kerekes Band koncert

11.00 p.m
Il Silenzió

We keep the right of Programme changes !

Programmes of Egri Csillag stage (at Music pavilion)

Zenepavilon, Érsekkert, Eger
2011. juli 7-10.
daily 16.00-tól closing

As Bikavér Festival of Eger will take place in “Érsekkert” (Bishop’s garden) this year it is obvious to create a cooler spot at Music pavilion where dj –s of Eger and their guests also other formations shall play different music from Bikavér stage by giving the great atmosphere of a starry summer night. The spot is named after the new white wine and become Egri Csillag stage. Music pavilion and surroundings will be decorated in compliance with the occasion. Neither various musical styles nor better and better wines will be absent.

7th July Thursday

Törő – selection of world music
Imi Captain: Etchno Techno – folk music on electronic basis
Stereopussy – indie, elektro, new wave
Foley (Kerekes Band) plays on record player instead of tenor violin

8th July Friday

Popmeter team and its guests
Barkóczi Noémi acoustic concert
Past Perfect

9th July Saturday

Böki (Soulclap)
Soulclap hip-hop-nujazz-funk concert
Ethnofil – NuJazz perfomance feat. Okos Gergely, Kocsis Levente, Weil András

10th July Sunday

Moven (egerbeats)
Imi Captain: Sitar Terror – Indian music on electric basis
dzsémszGOND (nODane)During the four days will be free drumming: djembe, darbuka, konga – bring your drum!


For more information:

Entrance is free for the programme.
The currency of Bikavér Festival is the tasting coin.
A wine tasting coin costs 200 HUF a food tasting coin costs 1200 HUF.
A wine tasting glass costs 500 HUF.
Tasting coins and tasting glasses can be purchased at the spot of the programme. Mineral water is available for 150 HUF at information desks.


Chief organiser of the programme: Vine – grower community of Eger town,
Tarsoly József – judge of vine-grower community

Contact: Phone: +36-36/515-684; Phone./Fax: +36-36-411-943

Budapest Bar     Kerekes Band     Gajdos band
Competition of sample-tubing     Bikavér Stage     Egri Csillag stage Egri Csillag legendarian’s competition