Wine Festival in Erdőbénye 2014

The Wine, Ecstasy, Bénye Festival will be organized on 15-17 August in Erdőbénye, a village located within the Tokaj region.

This year’s slogan: wines from Tokaj, flavors from Zemplén, accompanied with jazz, world music and folk music.

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This three-day event is not only about wine, it is also a cultural and gastronomic festival, which is presented in the gardens of winemakers in Erdőbénye.

Visitors may walk along the village, holding their glasses and popping in and out of the gardens of local winemakers, each of them presenting a different atmosphere. They will find not only fine wines, but also exciting musical and cultural programs, including fine foods matching to the wines.

This festival started in 2009 and now sixteen local winemakers offer wine samples to their guests. Restaurants will offer several modern fish dishes made of local ingredients, which are extremely suitable for the wines from Tokaj. Visitors may taste the famous Erdőbénye flat bread with various toppings (kenyérlángos), which has been prepared in this region over many centuries. Several dishes with traditional Hungarian flavors will be presented as “street foods”.

There will be walks organized by a historian and an architect, when visitors may see Erdőbénye through different glasses. Memorials of the Jewish past of the village can also be visited.

The head of a cooper group will held a workshop, where guests may learn about the impact of barrels on specific wines. Not only literature programs, but also children programs will be held on almost every location.

At the opening ceremony of the event, guided by local winemakers, visitors will have an opportunity to taste the best nine wines of Erdőbénye. This wine-tasting will be accompanied by local finger food. Limited number of tickets is available – only on advance order.

Date: 15-17 August, 2014
Location: Erdőbénye, Hungary

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