Etyek Gastronomic festival 2011

Etyek Culture has arisen when mankind settled and brought land into cultivation for the first time. Culture ends when mankind detaches itself from the land.We have to regain the ability of living in the landscape, instead of dominating over or fighting against it.What we have on our table is reserved to our stomach, but it arrives at our head and inflicts our mind. Synthetic dairy products, puffed-up and tasteless vegetables, decorative but indigestible artificial fruits and the plastic-meat of the cattle nurtured on plastic-fodder … all of them are the wastage of the lifeless soil.

We are searching for the living man in the living landscape, who is longing for the soil, seeking beauty, goodness and delight, and is also able to preserve things of importance. Who is not counting time in pennies. We are searching for the baker whose bread is made of crops, the jam-maker who collects the most beautiful fruit and the cheese-manufacturer who uses full-cream milk. We are searching for the man who tends his environment with the work of his own hands. The chemical basis of dynamite and fertiliser is the same, and they both destruct the soil. The land does not need fertilisers – it needs us.Fast food, fast death, short life. The path to enjoyable life does not lead through the incredibly overcomplicated meals or shiny luxury restaurants, but through people creating something from the pure soil, enjoying their work. Get to know them to let them get to know you. Try their work and taste the shine of the sun, the flesh of the Earth, the power of the plants, the pleasure of honey, the blood of wine, the body of bread, the fire of distillates, the fat of cheese and feel that the world is created for you and you are created for the world.

24 September – Saturday

  • 10:00 Opening Ceremony. Pageant with folk musicians with Amdrás Szőke.

  • 11.00 Poros Band –  concert and folk dance for children
  • 12.00 Mariann Fabók –  Hungarian tales performance
  • 13.00 Borharapó Band

  • 13.00 Interactive cooking with the Magyar Konyha magazine. The chef is Lajos Bíró

  • 11.20
    Cooking competition with András Szőke
    Registration at  kezes-labos@roxer. We are looking for six teams for the competition. Pátria Band plays during the show.
  • 14.00 Tasting of the chef’s, Lajos Takács dishes
  • 14.30 Results’ announcement of cooking competition

  • 12.30 Poros Band
  • 14.00 Borharapó Band
  • 17.30 Berka Band

  • 14.00 Berka Band – concert and folk dance for children
  • 15.30 Szilvia Bognár – Csintekerintő, concert for children
  • 17.00 Balkan Fanatik
  • 19.30 Ladánybene 27

County Championship matches

  • 14.00 Etyek SC – Polgárdi (Junior teams)
  • 16.00 Etyek SC – Polgárdi

  • 14.00 Poros Band
  • 15.15 Borharapó Band
  • 16.00 Berka Band

  • 17.00 Báthori hill memorial tablet inauguration

  • 16.30 Borharapó Band

25 September – Sunday

  • 11.00 Bese Botond and his band – concert and folk dance performance
  • 12.00 Lábita Theater — Hungarian tales and puppet-show
  • 13.00 Ládafia Theater puppet-show

  • 13.00 Interactive cooking with the Magyar Konyha magazine. The chef is Lajos Bíró

  • 11.20
    Cooking competition with András Szőke
    Registration at We are looking for six teams for the competition. Pátria Band plays during the show.
  • 14.30 Results’ announcement of cooking competition

  • 12.30 Bese Botond and his band
  • 14.00 Gajter Band

  • 12.30 Gajter Band
  • 14.00 Bese Botond and his band
  • 16.00 Gajter Band

  • 13.30 Organ concert

  • 14.00 Makám Band – concert for families
  • 15.30 Ági Szalóki – Gingalló, concert for families
  • 18.00 Magna Cum Laude

  • 16.00 Bese Botond and his band

  • 10.00-18.00 Open all day

  • 15.00-18.00 handicraft for children

  • 10.00 – 17.00 playing house and workshops for children, organized by Pöcök Egyesület: potter wheel and manual clay-work, jewel-making, candle-making, textile-painting, batik-work with wax (also on materials brought by the participants)

  • Wine, cheese and ham tasting with Gabriella Mészáros for adults
  • Grape juice tasting for children
  • Salad creations – Taste and health in children’s eyes
  • Introduction of the Borkollégium’s books and courses


Korda Studios and the Korda Filmpark will open their doors for the first time during the Etyek Gastronomic Festival

On Saturday and Sunday (September 24-25) the Korda Filmpark will be open from 10 A.M. – 6 P.M., with entry tickets at a 70% discount (990 HUF).


  • Learn about the adventurous lives of the Korda brothers at the Korda memorial museum
  • Peak into the secrets of filmmaking through the Filmpark’s new interactive exhibition
  • Studio tour – visit the Brooklyn backlot set used in Hellboy 2: The Golden Army
  • Bank robbery in New York – stunt show three times each day, at noon, 2 and  4 PM
  • Oldtimer cars – take a ride through the off-limits areas of the studio complex (500 HUF)
  • Wine tastings
  • Tasty meals and snacks in the Filmpark restaurant

Come visit one of Europe’s most modern film studios and the new Korda Filmpark visitor’s center.

You can download the map in PDF format clicking here!
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