First Picnic at Eytek

Etyek Picnic 2012The first Picnic at Eytek, to be organized on 19 January 2013, will be rejuvenated on the basis of new ideas. The organizers hope that this series of events, to be organized at least four times in each year, will be more intimate than past festivals, with guaranteeing high level of relaxation.

Aces of the Hungarian gastronomic culture will be on display in this new generation of programs.
We intend to introduce the best products of the finest Hungarian winemakers, culinary masters and craftsmen.

The first picnic will include pig-killing and tasting, cooking and baking as well as cultural programs and special entertainment for children. Needless to say, fine Hungarian wines will also be offered.

The next picnic is planned to be held on 23 March. These festivities will reflect the mood of spring and Easter with serving ham. The third one, to be held on 8-9 June, will start the summer season in the mood of Pincefesztivál (Festival of Cellars) and with the presentation of the best jazz musicians. The harvest festival is expected to be held in the first week of September, where visitors dedicated to Hungarian folk music can expect exciting surprises while sipping high-quality Hungarian wines.

Location: Etyek

19 January – Saturday

Gradowski Estate

Garaguly Estate és Borpince: Géza Balla Cellar (Ménes-Arad).

László Árpás Cellar: Szatmári Cellar (Szigliget), Tiffán Ede és Zsolt Cellar (Villány)

Halmi Cellar

Zarándok Cellar: Gábor Karner (Mátraalja), Losonci Cellar (Mátraalja), Szecskő Cellar (Mátraalja)

Szépvölgyön ÁT Cellar: Somlói Vándor Cellar (Somló)

Kácsor „Kíra” Cellar: Lajos Gál Cellar (Eger)

Berényi Pince: Kislaki Bormanufaktúra (Dél-Balaton)

Debreczeni Pince: Ferenczi Estate (Szekszárd), Maurer Cellar (Szerémség)

Krisán Cellar

Rókusfalvy Estate: Tamás Pók Cellar (Eger), Gábor Kiss Cellar (Villány)

TÉLIKÉK Cellar: Centurio Vineyard – Balázs Ludányi (Gyöngyöstarján)

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