The fifth Ordogkatlan Festival 2012

Ördögkatlan 2012 The fifth Ördögkatlan Festival will be held on 2-5 August 2012 in three hamlets in County Baranya. Aim of the festival: to put the region onto the map, to propagate high quality cultural events, to provide happy outgoing to communities and families and to make a family holiday unforgettable. Wide range of programs will be available, among others, performing arts, concerts, exhibitions, special performances to kids, puppet theater, many literature programs, screening of document movies… Also, a country fair will be organized.

Brief summaries – 2012

Ahogy esik, úgy puffan (theatre)
Béla Pintér and Company (theatre)
Besh o droM (concert)
Bódog és Szomorilla (puppet-theatre)
Catsandox (concert)
Chameleon Days Trio (concert)
Compagnie Les Apostrophes (circus)
Devildance (dance and workshop)
Galapiat (circus)
La Tresca (I) (concert)
Les Touffes Krétiennes (concert)
Phone-doctor (theatre)
Péterfy Bori & The Love Band (concert)
The Governer of Caligula (theatre)
The Plage (theatre)
The Seagull (theatre)
Wave and rubber band (theatre)


You can buy your tickets on the spot

five day pass: 11.000 HUF

weekend pass (for three day – Friday-Saturday-Sunday): 9.000 HUF

five day pass for locals and press workers: 1.500 HUF

Daily ticket: 3500 HUF

Daily ticket for the first day and for every evening from 10PM: 2.500 HUF


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