Vincent Day 2013

Vincent day 2013 The organizing committee also intends to revive an old Hungarian custom, when the owners of vineyards foretell the expected harvest based on the weather on “Vincent Day” (“Vince Nap” in Hungarian) and from the condition of the prunes called “Vincent cuts”. On “Vincent Day” they visit each other’s vineyards, taste each other’s wines and toast to the harvest. They ask for God’s blessing for the vine and (just to be sure!) they enact ancient superstitious rituals guided by natural phenomena.
This series of outings, which will start from Tenkes Hill to Villany via Siklos and Kisharsany, aims to re-establish the almost forgotten tradition of “Vincent Day”.
Location: Tenkes-hill – Siklos – Kisharsany – Nagyharsany – Villany

19 January – Saturday

-10.00am Villany

Attila Gere Cellar (Villany, Erkel Ferenc str. 2/A)

Polgár cellar (Villany, Arany János str. 7.)

-11.45am – 13.30pm Tenkes-hill and Siklós (same time)

Janus winery (Túrony, Sóta vineyard)

Joó cellar (Siklós, Akasztófa vineyard)

-14.00-16.00pm között Kisharsány

Vylyan cellar (Kisharsány, Fekete-hill)

-16.30-19.00pm Nagyharsany

Tamás és Zsolt Gere cellar, Nagyharsany

-19.30pm – Villany
Blum cellar (Villany, Baross Gábor str. 103.)

Bock cellar (Villany, Batthyány str. 15.)

Mandula restaurant (Villany, Diófás str. 4-12.)

Matias restaurant (Villany, Baross Gábor str. 81.)

Polgár cellar (Villany, Arany János str. 7.)


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