‘Wineseeing’: 42 wines of 14 wine cellars in three towns of Somlo

The participants of the wine region presentations called Wineseeing can get acquainted with a total of 42 wines of 14 Somlo wine cellars between 22 and 29 October. The hosting sites for the presentation events are the Modem in Debrecen, the Festetics Palace in Budapest and the Móra Ferenc Museum in Szeged.

‘It is an old demand by non-residents of Budapest to have the opportunity to get acquainted with our domestic wine regions and wine growers NOT only on the events in the capital, but also at other paces – however, of course Budapest cannot be left out’ – said the managing director of the organizing company, the Hungarian Handicraft Wines Co. Ltd. about the reasons for the launching of the event series to MTI.

‘Somlo is the smallest Hungarian wine region, so the tasting consisting of the visit to fourteen wine cellars provides a pretty good overview of the wines of the mountain’ – told his opinion Zsolt Sandor. He added: the specialty of the region is primarily given by the soil structure, by which the wine made here gets such a unique character, that it is easy to tell a well-made Somló lot from a hundred others!

Speaking about the typical grape breeds, he remarked that the ‘juhfark’ (meaning: ‘sheep’s tail) is known by almost everyone, but fine olaszrizling, furmint and harslevelu crops on the volcanic mountain as well.

According to the information provided by Zsolt Sandor, the ones buying an entrance ticket can freely taste the wines of the participating wine cellars. And if they registered in advance, they can listen to the presentation of Gabriella Meszaros wine academician about the wines of the Somlo Region. The guests can taste the cheese collections of the Hungarian Cheese Manufacturing Guild’s members during the happening, and some other delicacies. The first fifty ticket buyers can even take part in a free mini wine course.