Chicago Tribune offers Hungarian furmint to its readers

Tokaj-Hegyalja Chicago Tribune, an US daily, makes this offer in its article titled “Great whites under 15 dollars”. Dry furmint is an exceptional white wine for seafood, in large part because of its acidity, especially with salted or cured salmon or mackerel – writes the author. Bill St. John, the wine expert at Chicago Tribune, offers only three less-known overseas grapes to his readers: the furmint, the granacha blanca (greanche blanc) from Catalonia and the torrontes, a very popular variety in Argentina. The article notes that the furmint is the most widely used raw material of the Tokaji aszu, which is easily available in the US. Winemakers in Tokaj use only botrytised grapes for making dessert wine, the remaining grapes are used for making dry wines. Whereas sweet furmint tastes of apricots and honey, dry furmint is of pear, apple and lime. But there is a vast difference: Tokaji aszu is extremely expensive, whereas dry furmints are among the cheaper wines. (