Hungarian Wine Marketing Conference 2012

This year the Hungarian Wine Marketing Conference, held in City of Sopron, will be organized in a different date, in 19-20 January. Winemakers will gather at the well-established location of Hotel Sopron. The meeting of professionals will cover traditional subjects, such as communal wine marketing and economic topics related to the winemaking industry. The meeting aims to present an insider’s view of the industry to the participants in order to find solutions to prevailing problems. According to our tradition, once again a well-known and respected foreign expert will describe the state of affairs of the winemaking industry from the point of an outsider.
The plenary session to be held on the first day of the Conference will introduce changes involving winemaking and will present last year’s achievements. In addition to communal wine marketing, the introduction of changes in product descriptions and the establishment of an interdisciplinary organization will also play significant role in the seminars. As far as the future is concerned, the planned system of EU subsidies for the grape and wine industry in the period of 2014-2020 will be discussed in detail. Additionally, the seminar on international wine marketing will focus on Portugal and Germany. The Hungarian Sommelier Association will introduce the latest trends and opportunities of international and domestic gastronomy. (