The Hungarian Sommelier Association has been formed

One of the aims of the organization is the communication among the members, exchange of experience, through which they can motivate, inspire each other’s work. The other extremely important aim is the professional training. In order to implement this, an accreditation system is under development at present, which would facilitate the establishment of a state-approved sommelier education in the future.
After some months of preparation work the recently launched organization obtained a lot of members, and there are ongoing member admissions at present. Application is not bound to exam so far, but admission is based on the practical experience. For admission one must get a recommendation from at least two members of the five-member board.
Many programs are being organized in the near future for the membership, so conciliations are going on with such organizations as the Mádi Circle, the Faces of Tokaj Loess, the Table of Tokaj Wine Growers, or the Tokaj Wine Cultivators. Besides these, specialized trainings are planned on champagne and distillate branches, but they do not forget about the expansion of the knowledge on foods and dishes, so the members of the Hungarian Sommelier Association can get in direct contact with a home-made caviar besides truffle.