Piwi Wine Award 2014

Piwi Wine Award “ is the largest European competition of wines made of resistant grape varieties. A Hungarian wine – a white one made of the Solaris variety featuring the label of “Gyukli Pince” from Balatonfüred – entered to this content first time ever.

235 wines produced by 111 winemakers from 11 European countries were entered to this event. Assessment was completed in South Tirol, based on a 100 point PAR system developed for this specific competition.

Solaris Photo: www.gyuklipince.hu

Only international, professional judges were included in the panel. Three kinds of awards, Silver, Gold, Grand Gold, were granted to wines represented the philosophy of chemical-free production.

The wine produced from the chemical-free soil of the Vörösmál-hills in Balatonfüred with uncompromising work impressed the panel very much: their unanimous decision resulted in a Grand Gold award.

The award will be presented in the summer of 2015 in Mainz, at the annual conference of the OIV International Grape and Wine Organization.



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