Twin towns: Tokaj and Sonoma

Agoston Haraszthy Ágoston Haraszty, believed to be one of the founders of viticulture and winemaking in California, was born 200 years ago. The anniversary was remembered by exhibitions of contemporary artists and scientific conferences held and inspired by wine, including dance parties.

His key role has been established by several facts: he was one of the first people who recognized the potential of viticulture in Sonoma and, as a result, he established the Buena Vista Cellar, which has been operating ever since; in 1861 he imported 300 vine varieties from Europe, which became the basis of local grape production. Among others, the “zindafel”, which is a major variety ever since, plays a key role in Sonoma.

In 1946 a bronze plaque in the memory of Haraszty was erected on the main square of Sonoma. Also, a similar relief is standing at the front of the Hungarian House in San Diego. (