Grab your glasses, the summer season is coming

Hungarian wine lovers can look forward to several exciting events in June.

To people favoring red wines, we recommend the “Iván-valley Kadarka Tour”, to be held on 27-28 June. Ten wine cellars and the best coffee shop in Hungary will participate in this event with offering food and drinks to visitors.
Kadarka Wine Tour
As part of one of the most exciting wine festivals held in the Szekszárd region this year, five winemakers from Iván-valley will compare their products with wines from the best Kadarka-makers from various wine regions of the Carpathian-valley. A joint wine-music evening will be held in both evenings in the Wine Museum at Szekszárd.

Summer also reached the Etyek region, famous of its white wines. The “Picnic”, to be held on 7-8 June along the Gastro-promenade, will offer delicacies of the summer season. On each day organizers will wait for visitors with offering seasonal specialties and programs: wine tastings, exhibition of handmade artifacts, cooking competition etc.
Among other delicacies, pig roasted on charcoal, flatbread with quark and dill and refreshing wine with soda water (“fröccs”) will be offered. Winemakers from Etyek Újhegy and Szépvölgy invited excellent winemakers from all over the Carpathian basin. For more information visit

In summer the famous “fröccs” is a must for everyone.

Fröccsözön 2014(fröccs is a mix of soda water and light wine, a popular refreshment on hot days)

The “Fröccs Festival” will be held second time in the Cellar Village of Hajós. This event, to be held on 28 June, will start in the morning and include fish soup competition, artifact fair, the “Fröccs-Street”, children programs, jumping castle and cultural performances and competitions.

The shuttle taxi (csettegő taxi) will transport visitors between the 1200 cellars of the Cellar Village – an absolutely unique feature in Europe.



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