Main hungarian wine-related programs in 2015

Good news for people who love Hungarian wine. There will be several high-quality wine
festivals, tastings and other significant programs in the year 2015.

In the following we present a selection of recommendations listed on Please mark the dates on your calendar right now.

Hungarian wine events in 2015

24 January – Winter Picnic at Etyek

This year winemakers from Újhegy and Szépvölgy in Etyek will welcome winemakers and visitors at Gasztrosétány. Similar to past picnics, not only wine but quality craftsmen and gastronomic exhibition will also be offered to visitors.

February – Eger-Szekszárd Bikavér (Bulls’ Blood) Duel

Wine tasting in Budapest, where the best winemakers from Eger and Szekszárd present their Bull Bloods.

5 February – Furmint February

In 2015 more than 100 premium furmint varieties ill be offered for tasting. Almost 50 cellars will provide samples at a single location in Budapest.

7-8 February – Olaszrizling (white wine) – as we make it

Producers and fans of olaszrizling from Somló to Villány and from Egerszólát to Szent György-hill will have the opportunity to taste and to ponder about the future and chances of this wine variety, which is the most widespread white wine in Hungary.

14 February – Borjour Magnum

Borjour Magnum is the largest wine tasting event of the year, available only for invited parties. 600 wines from more than 200 winemakers will be available for tasting during this one-day event to be held in three buildings of Millenáris. This year look for surprises offered on Valentine Day!

21 February – Hungarian Wine Ball

The 10th Hungarian Wine Ball will be held on 21 February 2015, to be hosted by InterContinental Budapest. This event is aimed to present high-quality Hungarian wines to exclusive guests in an appropriate environment.

28 March – Grand Tasting in Tokaj

This will be a new event organized by the Winelovers team to direct attention to the Tokaj wine region. The region will be portrayed not only to dedicated wine-lovers but also to the general public.

25th April – Great Tokaj Wine Auction

Third Great Tokaj Wine Auction of exclusive barrel lots of contemporary Tokaji wines from top producers including Szepsy, Szent Tamás, Samuel Tinon, Hétszőlő and Disznókő. Held in Sárospatak Castle as part of three-day Tokaj Spring event. Looking for prestigious gifts? Company presents? Memory of time well-spent in Hungary? It doesn’t come more exclusive than your own wine!

24-26th April – Tokaj Spring

Unique weekend of events that brings wine lovers to the top winemakers – join guests on Tokaj Orient Express to travel in style to Tokaj, choose a vineyard tour, wine tastings and dinners, blind tasting of auction lots, the Great Tokaj Wine Auction, open cellars – all with your favourite winemakers. Rare opportunity not to be missed! Transport arranged in the region, and all in English too!

25 April – Kékfrankos NOW! Gigantic Kékfrankos Tasting

The Gigantic KékfrankosTasting (Nagy Kékfrankos kóstoló) will be organized second time this year, in April, as part of the Month of Kékfrankos.

May – Szekszárd – “key to your heart”

Wine tasting in Budapest, where wines from app. 200 exhibitors from Szekszárd will be available for tasting.

8-10 May – Rosalia 2015

Festivities to greet the incoming summer with fresh roses, sparkling wines and champagnes in the Garden of Gesztenyés.

21-24 May – Gourmet Festival

In accordance with the tradition, this Festival will be held in Millenáris Park, with the participation of tasting from excellent local restaurants, best winemakers and wine merchants.

5 June – Tokaj Wine Festival 2015

A traditional town festival with popular pop and rock bands. In recent years the quality producers have increasingly organised their own extra events, such as intimate tastings, exhibitions, jazz concerts and more.

20 June – Giant Pezsgő Saloon (Nagy Pezsgő Kóstoló)

Another event organized by the Winelovers team, the first in 2015, is a tasting with the best domestic and foreign champagnes, which will include master courses and other delicacies.

20 June – Somló Midsummer-Night Cellar Tour 2015

On Saturday 20th June 41 Somló Hill cellars will open up all night to invite guests to participate in cultural and wine-related events.

27 June – VinAgora Wine Gala

Public tasting of wines from the VinAgora Wine Competition in Budapest, in the Boscolo New York Palace.

9-12 June – Eger Bulls’ Blood Festival (Egri Bikavér Ünnep)

This wine festival is proud of its 10 years history; it is one of the most significant touristic and gastronomic event of wine loves in Eger, to be held in the romantic garden of Érsekkert, under huge oak trees. The white companion of the red Bull’s Blood of Eger, the Star of Eger (Egri Csillag) will be introduced, including roses from the region.

August – Wine, Ecstasy Bénye Festival

Festival in the gardens of Erdőbénye, with wines from Tokaj and delicacies from the Zempén region.

9-13 September – Wine Festival in the Buda Castle (Budavári Borfesztivál) 2015

the Wine Festival in the Buda Castle – to be held on the terraces of the Buda Castle – will present not only products from Hungarian winemakers, but several foreign wines supplied by major wine distributors.

4-6 October – Villány Red Wine Festival

Visitors will have the opportunity to taste the best wines of the region. This is the most significant event in the Villány region, which will be enhanced by musical production and traditional performances.

10 October – Olaszrizling October – Giant Olaszrizling Tasting

This year the Giant Olaszrizling Tasting will be held third time, where Hungarian and foreign olaszrizling will be available, as well as exciting master courses presented in elevated atmosphere.

2 November – “Bordó Blend” Giant Nagy Bordeaux Tasting

The “Bordó Blend” program will focus on Bordeaux varieties and wines made using this variety – with significant emphasis on cabernet franc.



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