Quarter of century of Hungarian Wines

In the middle of September the Prestige Reserve Club held a real summit, where 25 wines of 25 winemakers proved that real change was achieved in premium Hungarian wines during the last 25 years.

Top 25Photo:vendeglatasmagazin.hu

Each and every winemaker personally introduced one of their wines which demonstrated the development to other winemakers and experts, including representatives of the media. Their wines exemplify this achievement, the high quality, terroir and individual style of the cellars.

The strategy of each and every winemaker was concentrated on further refinement of the quality, on reinforcing base vines and on further improvement of the technology, because adaptation to changing markets and higher expectations can not be avoided. Needless to say, as a result of different situation of each cellars, practical solutions are also vary.

In case of wineries concentrating on international success, extremely individual, refined quality must be achieved, which demands the finding of the best terroirs (perhaps property segments). Appropriate answer must be found to balance the impacts (ripening, balance of alcohol volume, sugar, acid and tannin) of climate changes. In addition, in order to achieve individual characters and primary fruity flavors and freshness, winemakers must be ready to implement innovations in barrel manufacturing and preparation.

There is no ultimate recipe to make the “best” wine, because not only basic conditions are different, but also several dozens of factors must be taken into account in parallel. Consequently, in the evolution of winemaking, adaptation and openness to changes and to improvement are decisive factors in competition.

Winemakers and experts jointly assessed the wines offered for tasting:

Jásdi Pince – Lőczedombi Olaszrizling 2013
Bott Frigyes – Super Granum 2013
Demeter Zoltán – Őszhegy Sárgamuskotály 2013
Szepsy István – Szent Tamás 2013
Figula Pincészet – Szilénusz 2012
Légli Ottó – Gesztenyés Rizling 2011
Koch Borászat – Késői Chardonnay 2013
Etyeki Kúria – Kékfrankos 2013
Balla Géza – Szikla Cuvée 2012
Gál Tibor – Superior Bikavér 2011
St. Andrea – Nagy-Eged-hegy 2011
Gróf Buttler – Nagy-Eged-hegy Syrah 2011
Bősz Adrián – Emese Cuvée 2011
Dúzsi Tamás – Görögszó 2011
Konyári Pincészet – Páva 2011
Kovács Nimród – NJK 2009
Heimann Birtok – Barbár 2009
Vylyan Pincészet – Duennium 2009
Tiffán Pincészet – Elysium 2008
Takler Pince – Regnum 2007
Malatinszky Csaba – Kúria Cabernet Franc 2007
Bock Borászat – Magnifico 2007
Hétszőlő – Késői Hárslevelű 2013
Disznókő – 6 puttonyos Aszú 1999



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