Szepsy and Royal Tokaji are among the best

The Wine&Spirit magazine (US) compiled the list the one hundred best cellars in the world: two properties from Tokaj, the Royal Tokaji and the Szepsy Cellar were included in this year’s prestigious list.

Royal Tokaji - Esszencia 2003 Wines from various cellars have been tasted and ranked in accordance with the highest average points awarded.

The average was calculated on the basis of the three highest points. Royal Tokaji entered three sweet wines to the contest: “Essence 2003” (95 points), “Betsek Aszú 2007 (6 basket)” (94 points) and “Aszú 2007 (5 basket)” (93 points). This 5 basket Aszú is available in Hungary for as low as HUF 5000 (app. USD 25), which is an excellent value if we look at the award points.

Two dry wines and one Szamorodni (dessert wine) from István Szepsy were also included in wines of the first one hundred. His “Szent Tamás Furmint 2008” reached the highest number of points (96), followed by a “Szamorodni 2008” (95) and finally by “Birtokfurmint 2009” (92).

An interesting fact that a dry wine commanded the highest number of points instead of the usually better appreciated aszú. The probable reason could be that the US agent of Szepsy does not distribute aszú at all.



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