The Hungarian Winemaker of Year 2012 Has Been Announced

Ats_Karoly On 7 December the Hungarian Wine Academy announced the Hungarian Winemaker of the Year. Károly Áts, the winner of the prestigious award, was deeply moved when he said thank you. He added that, not only himself, but the Royal Tokay Winery and the Tokay Wine Region were also the major beneficiaries of the award.
The award does not mean the appreciation of the quality of one specific wine; it has been awarded to the excellent performance of the winner achieved over the period of several years, to the consistent high quality and the domestic and international success of his wines. In summary, this is the most prestigious award available for winemakers in Hungary.
Károly Áts, 47, obtained his diploma at the University of Horticulture. Before his current position at the Royal Tokay Winery Zrt., where his is the chief winemaker, he worked six years in the Tokay Trading House (Tokaj Kereskedőház). He learnt the secrets of his trade from his father. This year he was third times among the five best winemakers.