Tokaj promotion video

Wines from Tokaj are popularized in a clip in English language. The clip has been prepared by Vinum Tokaj International with the concerted support of the most famous cellars and hospitality facilities.

In the clip Kimberley Parnell visits the First Winehouse in Mád (Első Mádi Borház), the Saint Thomas Cellar, the Szepsy Cellar, the Patrícius Winehouse, the Gusteau Culinary Open Workshop, the Restaurant as my Mother Told Us (Anyukám Mondta Étterem) and the Andrássy Residency.

The clip stands on three legs: introduction of winemakers dedicated to prepare the most reliable and highest quality winemaking in the region (including the presentation of best wines and wine specialties), local gastronomy: allocating various Tokaj wines to traditional and less-traditional Hungarian dishes and presentation of chronicles of relevant historical and cultural episodes. Recreational programs are also included in the clip.

Distribution of the clip is planned on domestic and North-American on-line interfaces (webpages) and via American and Canadian gastronomic channels. The New York representative of the Hungarian Tourism Zrt. Will also participate with the help of their own channels.



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