Program Series “Tokaj Grand” 2015

The wine region of Tokaj will be in focus in March. The Program Series of Tokaj Grand – to be organized first time in this year – will present the unique nature of this region, its natural richness, vine varieties and traditions with initiating a nationwide action program.

The main aim of the event is – apart from presenting local winemakers, artisans and gastronomic specialties – to make people familiar with organizations and programs related to wine in Tokaj, such as the Confrérie de Tokaj, Tállyáért Egyesület (Association for Tállya), Mádi Kör (Circle of Mád), Tokaj Autumn and Furmint February.

“Grand Wine Tasting in Tokaj“

The pinnacle of this series of events is the Grand Wine Tasting, to be organized in 28 March, on Saturday, with the participation of almost 70 winemakers.


The walking wine tasting, master courses and formal dining – to be organized in the elegant Corinthia Hotel Budapest – will offer an opportunity to become familiar with the specialties of Tokaj.

Exhibitors will include organizations of professional winemakers, representatives of the tourist industry and gastronomic entrepreneurs. Programs with significant importance will attract not only the attention of the general public, but also local and foreign experts, reporters and wholesalers, who can participate in the exclusive Tokaj Wine Diner and professional wine tasting, which will be held within 10 day before the main event, between 18 and 27 of March.

Date: 28 March, 2:00-10:00 PM
Location: Corinthia Hotel Budapest Erzsébet krt. 43-49, Budapest.

Master courses:

Dry wines from Tokaj and their international competitors

Wines produced in several leading white wine regions of the world will be compared to dry wines from Tokaj with the help of international wine academic András Horkay.

Selection of the “Mádi Kör”

Gabriella Mészáros, international wine academic and head of the Wine College will present the “Mádi Kör” master course, which includes a walk along the hills of Mád vineyards.

“Disznókő 5 Puttony Tokaj Aszú” – vertical wine tasting László Mészáros, manager of the Disznókő property, will present the diversity of various vintages created by the cooperation of botrytis, furmints and high level of expertise – to be illustrated by 5 puttony aszú of nine vintages.

Szepsy master course

The master course to be held by István Szepsy will illustrate differences of terrains with presenting dry wines from the vineyards of several settlements in Hegyalja. At the end of the course an aszú from Szepsy will be available for tasting.

“Wine, ecstasy… Bénye”

Organizers of the “Wine, ecstasy … Bénye” festival will illustrate specialties stemming from the character of this wine region with the help of series of wines from Erdőbénye.

“Tokaj Autumn”

This year Tokaj Autumn will be organized the twelfth time. Participants of the master course will learn not only about the program of 2015, but they will also have an opportunity to taste specific varieties of local wines.

“Month of Mindszent” Carnival

The concept of this event will be presented by Sarolta Bárdos, winemaker of Tokaj Nobilis, who will also bring wines of her local colleagues.

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