Program Series “Tokaj Grand” 2016

This series of events presents not only all major cellars, but also wine-related organizations in Tokaj and various programs, gastronomic and artistic opportunities in the region.

Tokaj March 2016Photo:

One of the most significant events of ”Tokaj March” is the Grand Wine Tasting, to be held on 19 March in Hotel Corinthia Budapest. Tokaj-Hegyalja is not a single village, it is a colorful area with several grape and wine varieties. This fact will be supported not only by the presentation of the best products of more than 70 winemakers, but also by exhibitions of local associations, tourist guides and gastronomic specialities. In addition, several master courses will enhance this experience.

Available master courses:

“Committed to excellence: the last 15 years of Tokaj-Oremus”

The Álvarez family arrived in Tokaj-Hegyalja in the nineties and established the Tokaj-Oremus estate. This master course will introduce the estate to the public with presenting the 5 best dry wines and 5 top aszu made in the last 15 years. These dry wines are released only in limited numbers, available only directly from the cellar in magnum bottles.

“The brand of Tokaj” – the settlement and its wines

In the last few years Tokaj-Hegyalja meant not only winemaking, gastronomic ventures and tourism developments, but also increasing social cooperation.
Social cooperation in many settlements leads to the establishment of a new type of brand, the so-called “collective wine”. In other places individual winemakers search for new capacities of a specific area. In order to illustrate the beauty of varieties in wines, 5 winemakers from 5 settlements are presenting 10 wines.

“Tokaj on the world market: the rejuvenated Tokaj Kereskedőház (Trading House)”

The sheer volume of raw materials and the role of a regional integrator are representing the significance of Tokaj Trading House: 40 % of wines produced in Tokaj originate from here. The House is using not only its own grapes, each year they purchase grapes from 1100 ha vineyards. The state-owned company is well aware of its significance; in 2013, over and above engineering and infrastructural developments, significant improvement in quality became their first priority.

Tokaj: dream or reality? Zoltán Demeter reveals the secrets of specific localities and their wines

Demeter Zoltán’s 20 year old cellar has been committed to the re-discovery of specific localities and their wines. Now he owns almost 5 ha in five villages in Tokaj-Hegyalja, in 9 specific locations. Mészáros Gabriella, a former TV presenter will ask the winemaker about his personal believes and the objective position of Tokaj today.

The secret of the Loess in Tokaj in the light of “Hétszőlő” wines

The loess in Tokaj is the thickest and most ancient loess layer in East Hungary. In this region this layer is most significant in the area of Tokaj and Tarcal; this loess is rich in minerals and capable of rapid heat absorption. The result is a rich variety of wines, produced in different localities.

The location of the Tokaj dessert wine: Tokaj vs. Sauternes

In Europe – apart from Tokaj-Hegyalja – there is only one single area where large quantities of sweet, dessert wines are produced on a regular basis: Sauternes in France. This master course will compare wines from these regions.

Date: 19 March, 2:00-10:00 PM
Location: Corinthia Hotel Budapest Erzsébet krt. 43-49, Hungary.

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