Wine Tasting and Tokaj-Hegyalja Market

Colorful World: Although Bodrogkeresztúr and Tokaj are both located at the bottom of the Tokaj-hill, they have totally different characters. Tokaj is the home of sweetness and aromas, whilst Bodrogkeresztúr, including Bodrogkisfalud, can be described by elegance and diversity.

THM - EasterPhoto:

“Sampling of the Easter Ham” and “Birthday on the Market”


– Ham Show organized by the “Bari Bio Mangalica” (a special, Hungarian breed of pigs) Farm. Location: Bari Bio Farm and Kocsis-farm
– “Szóráth Pálinka ” will offer wide range of spirits to visitors
– 10:00-13:00: we will construct kites to catch March winds
– Preparation of Easter ornaments with the help of local craftsmen
– 10:00-14:00: Horse riding in the vineyard on ponies. Organizer: Hátas-farm
– Nursery of baby animals: an opportunity for children to touch and feel farm animals
– 11:00 „Colorful World: Bodrogkeresztúr, Bodrogkisfalud and Tokaj” – Wine-tasting and wine lectures presented by László Alkonyi
– Gastronomic venture in the Yellow Wine House Restaurant: lamb-ham tasting and lamb dishes on the “Market Menu”, made from lamb products of the „Keleméri Báránykák” (Lambs of Kelemér) Farm
– the “Birthday Cake of the Market” will be prepared by the Csicsörke Lekvárműhely (Jam Workshop)

– music for the “Birthday” will be provided by Agyagbanda (Clay Band).

Guided wine tasting and wine lecture with László Alkonyi at the market in Tokaj-Hegyalja.

Cellars/ Vineyards
Bodrog Borműhely/Lapis
Bott Pince/Teleki
Demeter Zoltán/Szerelmi
Patrícius Borház/Várhegy
Paulai Pince/Verebes
Tokaj Nobilis/Barakonyi

Participants must register in advance!

HUF 2000

Date: 13 April 2014.
Location: The Disznókő Vineyard (along Highway No. 37), on the square adjacent to the Yellow Wine House

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