Matt Kramer recommends aszú

Matt Kramer in his column in a recent issue of Wine Spectator engages in teaching wine lovers about various type of wines; in his subjective approach, he introduces three type of wines, one of them is the Tokaji Aszú.

Matt Kramer 2015

The aim of his series – Drinking Out Loud – is to teach less sophisticated readers of Wine Spectator. In this article he tries to explain how to select a wine.

At the beginning he introduces the wine region of Tokaj, including its geographic location and the origin of this wine. He explains that not only Furmint, but another indigenous grape variety, the Hárslevelű is also used for making aszú.

He believes that “Tokaji” is one of the wine marvels of the world. Unfortunately, in the past its quality couldn’t keep up with the rapid development of wines in other countries. By now this situation changed and Tokaj is producing large variety of wonderful wines, including the sweet aszú with excellent acidity; despite its sweetness, this wine is not too heavy.

Kramer also mentions the new Aszú Act, which in the past allowed aszú wines between 3 and 6 puttonyos. In order to improve quality, now – from the 2014 vintage – only 5 puttonyos and 6n puttonyos Tokaji Aszú wines can be offered. These wines offer inexhaustible joy even to the most experienced wine enthusiasts.

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