The new Parcel-Classification system in Tokaj will soon be introduced

Tokaj Parcell The Tokaj-Hetedhéthatár Association has been officially incorporated. The objective of the Association – earmarked by László Alkonyi – is to reconstruct and re-vitalize the hungarian Tokaj-Hegyalja Parcel classification with a history of 300 years.

The matter of the Tokaj-Hegyalja Parcel-Classification system reached an important milestone: classification of specific production areas of the region could be reinstated as a result of incorporating the Tokaj-Hetedhéthatár Association, established by 12 private entities. The work of the Association is based on a map prepared in May this year by László Alkonyi, who reconstructed the Parcel classification system of Mátyás Bél, prepared in the 1730s.

The Association is looking for comments on the methodology of classification and on the classification of specific production areas. They will collect and assess the comments and the results, depending on their importance, will be entered into the map. The group, led by László Alkonyi, will make the classification as public as possible, because the classification (first, second or third class) of the parcels will have significant impact on the work of every producer. They will publish each and every comment, proposal or counter-proposal on the net ( The summary of the above opinions will be included in the new, modified map of Parcel Classification of Tokaj-Hegyalja. (