Hungarian Wine Cellar of the Year 2012

Photo: The prestigious title of the Wine Cellar of the Year 2012 was awarded to Meszaros Pal Wine House and Cellar (Mészáros Pál Borház és Pincészet). Pal Meszaros, head of the family enterprise received the challenge trophy, memorial plaque and certificate of the title. At the ceremony representatives of professional organizations and friends saluted to the winner. In case of Pal Meszaros, growing grapes and making wine are family traditions with long history.
At present the family reached the peak in developing their own clone of kadarka (Hungarian red wine) – called Kadarka from Mész – on a 90 ha property.

Speeches at the ceremony appreciated the quiet, wise nature of Mr. Meszaros, his professional expertise and his humble approach to vine. In his brief response the celebrity praised the wine region and his colleagues. He
emphasized that he could not win the Wine Cellar of the Year award without the excellent climate and soil conditions of the Szekszard region, let alone the good team-work of his winery.

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