35th Saint Urban’s Day Wine Festival in Hajós

One of the most significant events in Hajós is the Saint Urban’s (Orbán) Day Wine Festival, which has been organized since 1982.

Urbans day hajos 2015 Photo:http://www.orbannaphajos.hu/

Romantic streets of the Hajós Cellar Village (Hajósi Pincefalu) are located at a distance of app. 3 km from the settlement. The 1200 adjacent wine cellars have been hand-carved into the hard sand deposit. Today this is the largest uninterrupted cellar village in Europe.
The high quality of local wines is the result not only of the expertise of winemakers, but also of favorable soil conditions. The loess foundation beneath surface sandy layers provides rich aromas and distinctive color to wines in Hajós.

This event is dedicated, first of all, to winemaking. The spectacular march of the Wine Order of Hajós, wine exhibitions and a professional winemakers’ conference will offer entertainment and educational opportunities to visitors. The rich list of programs will include family entertainments, presentations of local ethnic German folklore groups, lots of local gastronomic specialties, an arts and crafts market and several children programs.

Two stages will be erected in the Cellar Village, where live concerts and folk dancing will entertain visitors.

Date: 22-24 May from 10:00 am until 11:00 pm
Location: Cellar Village Hajós, Hungary.

For more information:
Web: orbannaphajos.hu (hun)



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