Big Kékfrankos Wine Tasting 2014

“Kékfrankos MOST!” is a series of programs covering running over one month, aimed to concentrate on the grape variety of kékfrankos. Within the framework of this program, wine tastings and wine diners are held all over the country, based mainly on this remarkable grape variety. The most significant wine tasting event – which will offer the largest number of varieties – will be held on 20 April, in the Boscolo Hotel Budapest.
Kékfrankos Most 2014
The most widespread blue grape variety in Hungary is the “kékfrankos”, which is grown verywhere with the exception of regions engaged only in making white wines. This is a very versatile grape variety, suitable for producing several types of red wines.

The “kékfrankos” is favored as the basis of rosé and siller wines; but also suitable for making light, fruity table wines or premium heavy reds with passing terroir characteristics. The events of “Kékfrankos MOST!” are aimed to represent this complexity.

The “Big Kékfrankos Wine Tasting”, to be held in the Boscolo Hotel Budapest, will be based on “kékfrankos” and will last all day. One of the most significant events of the day is the “Tasting on Foot”, to be held between 14:00 and 22:00. Over and above local visitors, the organizers invited guests from Austria too.

Visitors keen on learning more about this grape variety may participate in four master classes. Five winemakers from Szekszárd will present and compare their products. Dr. Gabriella Mészáros, international wine academic, will present an introductory lecture into the complex word of kékfrankos grape varieties. Franz Weninger, a winemaker from Burgerland, will present a lecture in English.

Date: 20 April 2014
Location: Boscolo Hotel Budapest, Hungary

Limited number of tickets
Fee: HUF 8.900,- (when registered and paid in advance HUF 7.900,-)

1. Bock Pince (Villány)
2. Brunyai Pince (Villányi borvidék-Siklós)
3. Bukolyi Családi Birtok (Eger)
4. Demeter Pincészet (Eger)
5. Dimenzió Borászat (Hajós-Baja)
6. Dula Szőlőbirtok és Borgazdaság (Eger)
7. Dúzsi Tamás Pincéje (Szekszárd)
8. Egri Borvár Tóth Ferenc Pincészet (Eger)
9. Fekete borpince (Szekszárd)
10. Gajdos Pincészet (Eger)
11. Gangl Borászta és Vinotéka (Sopron)
12. Gere Tamás és Zsolt Pincészete (Villány)
13. Gróf Buttler Borászat (Eger)
14. Guden Kisbirtok (Balatonfüred-Csopak)
15. Gutman Borpince (Balatonboglári borvidék)
16. Heimann Családi Birtok (Szekszárd)
17. Heumann Pincészet (Villány)
18. Homola Pincészet (Balatonfüred-Csopak)
19. Iváncsics Pincészet (Sopron)
20. Jandl Borászat (Sopron)
21. Karner Gábor (Mátra)
22. Kovács Nimród Winery (Eger)
23. Lajvér Avantgarde (Szekszárd)
24. Leithaberg (Burgerland)
25. Lövér Pince (Sopron)
26. Nador Weinmanufaktur (Burgerland)
27. Neiner Pince Családi Pince (Szekszárd)
28. Németh János Pincészete (Szekszárd)
29. Pastor Pince (Szekszárd)
30. Pfneiszl Bio Birtok (Sopron)
31. Posta Borház (Szekszárd)
32. Remete bor -Vesztergombi József (Szekszárd)
33. Sterlik Pince (Sopron)
34. Szeleshát Szőlőbirtok (Szekszárd)
35. Taschner Borház (Sopron)
36. Töltl Pincészet (Sopron)
37. Tüske Pince (Szekszárd)
38. Vincellér Ház (Sopron)
39. Weninger Pincészet (Sopron, Burgerland)
40. Wienlife Borászat (Sopron)

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