The First BalatonBor (BalatonWine) will arrive in 2016

The Balaton Kör has presented the BalatonBor label, the joint label of the first Hungarian Regional wine.

BalatonBor 2016Photo:Veres Viktor

Winemakers of the Balaton Region will reinforce their alliance with creating a shared product, the first regional wine. At the end of April BalatonBor will be released under a uniform label, which will also include the name of the winemaker or the cellar which produced the Olaszrizling in question.

Gábor Kardos, President of the Balaton Kör emphasized: we will create uniform labels not only on the market of wines, but also in gastronomy and tourism; BalatonBor is the first example of this effort.

The system of criteria has been established as a result of professional discussions held over a period of more than one year. Winemakers behind this system are convinced that every family cellar is the region will be committed to produce their own BalatonBor. As a result, this innovative community brand will grow stronger and stronger.

A photograph has been made showing winemakers intended to join to BalatonBor; they encircle and hold up the circular label. This large poster is aimed to illustrate the force of this joint venture.