Hetszolo is the most beautiful vineyard in Hungary

HetszoloThe editor of the magazine “Wine and Market” published a contest to win the title of the “Most Beautiful Vineyard in Hungary 1012”. The application of vineyards committed to preserve nature, to present their vineyards and the cellars in the nicest way and to establish harmony between the property and the environment was expected.

Fifty applicants filled out the form published on the webpage of the magazine and supplied details of the property, the cellar and their hospitality facilities. After closing the free registration, votes were cast on the internet. In July-August the panel of judges visited and inspected the first ten properties. The winner was selected on the basis of assessing information collected during these visits.

The Tokaj-Hetszolo Vineyard won the contest, followed by the Saint Donat Cellar in Csopak and Beres Vineyard from Erdobenye. (http://www.borespiac.hu)