MTA Wine Competition 2014

Winners of this year’s MTA wine competition have been announced 147 wines of 54 cellars have competed for the title of “MTA’s Wine of 2014”.

The result of this year’s wine competition of the Hungarian Academy of Science has been announced: wines from Tokaj, Villány, Somló, Szekszárd and Neszmély won the prestigious award.
Wine of MTA 2014
The selected wines can display the title of “Wine of MTA” for over a period of one year.

During this period these wines will be served on events organized by the MTA, where foreign visitors can have the opportunity of tasting them.

The most prestigious awards were given in the top category of dessert wines, where 4 Gold Medals were awarded beside the winner, the 6 puttony (basket) Tokaj Aszú 2003 of Patricius Wine House: in the category over 90 points the 6 puttony Lapis Tokaj Aszú 2007 of Hudácskó Cellar, the 6 puttony Dominium Tokaj Aszú 2006 of Pannon Tokaj, the 6 puttony Betsek Tokaj Aszú 2008 and the 6 puttony Nyulászó Tokaj Aszú 2008 of Royal Tokaj.

The top red wine arrived from Villány again: Bock Cuvée 2009, whilst two products from Szekszárd – Takler Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2008 and Sebestyén Gradus 2008 – won gold medals.

The winner in the category of top white wines is the Apátság Furmint 2011 of Tornai Cellar from Somló; no Gold Medal was awarded.

The winner in the category of medium semi-sweet and sweet wines is the late-harvest 2011 Katinka of Patricius, followed by the 2012 Cuvée of Krisztián Ungváry from Vayi Winery and the late-harvest 2011 furmint of Angyal Winery from Tokaj.

Wines from Tokaj were also successful in the dry and semi-dry category: the 2012 furmint from Royal Tokaj was followed by the same year’s furmint from Tokaj Kereskedőház Zrt. and by the 2011 chardonnay from Etyeki Kúria.

The winner in the category of medium rose, the title of MTA’s Wine of the Year was won by Szöllősi Rozé 2013 from Neszmély, followed by Kékfrankos Rose 2013 from Gál Cellar in Szigetcsép and by Kékfrankos Rose 2013 from Font Cellar in Kunság and 2013 Rose from Ikon Winery in South-Balaton in a tie.

Similar to the result of last year, the best medium-category red wine arrived from Szekszárd again: Cabernet Franc 2011 from Takler Cellar, followed by Cabernet Franc Barrique 2011 and Villány Cabernet Sauvignon Classicus 2011 from Koch Winery.



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