VinAgora International Wine Contest 2014

Total of 579 entries from 19 countries were accepted to the VinAgora International Wine Contest, held on 12-15 June in Tarcal.

Vinagora 2014

Wines were judged by an international panel of Hungarian and foreign experts.

2014 is the year of white wines. The 2014 VinAgora Wine Contest ended with one Grand Gold, 58 Gold and 120 Silver Medal.

Only one wine, the “Narbona Tannat Roble 2011” from the Narbona Cellar (Uruguay) won Grand Gold Medal with award points over 92. Based on the range of nomination, this year 6 classes of award were established for various wine specialties. The Champion Award was granted to the best wine selected from wines with gold medals.

The VinAgora, held on 29 June, was not a festival, but it was aimed to, first of all, the professionals. Nevertheless, wine lovers also had an opportunity to taste every wine nominated to the contest, which were presented with the official “Evaluation Sheet”.

Detailed results are available on the webpage of VinAgora.

Champion awards
Agrolaguna d.d. Vina Laguna Festigia Riserva Malvazija Croatia 2013
Szöllősi – Rose cuvée 2013
Agrolaguna d.d Vina Laguna Festigia Merlot Croatia 2010
Törley – Francois President Rosé Brut 2010
Tokajicum – Tokaji Reneszánsz Cuvée 2010
Puklus – Tokaji Aszú 6 puttonyos 2007



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