Ördögkatlan Festival 2014

The 7th Ördögkatlan Festival will be held between 5 and 9 of August in County Baranya, where several locations will participate in this event.

During these few days hillsides of the Villány wine region will be populated by guests. This complex artistic festival has been held over seven years in four small villages in Baranya, in Nagyharsány, Kisharsány, Palkonya and Beremend, including the Vylyan-terrace in Kisharsány.

Ördögkatlan 2014Photo: http://www.mihalylaszlo.hu/

This festival is organized within the human scale, in human-friendly atmosphere, where you can hear only one type of music at a time, but all types are worthwhile to listen to.

This year more than 400 classical and pop music concerts, theater programs, exhibitions, a literature evening, a talkshow, circus and family programs will be offered to the guests.

In additional to the artists, a local history museum will open in Nagyharsány. Yoga classes will be held on the soccer ground, a market of local products will be organized in Palkonya, in the Malompark (Mill Park) and happy couples will be “re-married” in Mokos cellar. An artistic barrel and sign exhibition will be held again on Vylyan-terrace. Musical, puppet-designer and dancing workshops will be offered in Kisharsány.

In Beremend, on the meadow at the front of Kápolna (Chapel), Beethoven’s IX. Sympony will be played and in the church in Palkonya the Dohnányi- quartet (with Daniel Dinyés) will give a Mozart-Beethoven concert. The opera initiation series will be continued, this time with Offenbach. The festival’s guest of honor this year: the Katona József Theater.

Date: 5-8 August, 2014
Location: Nagyharsány, Kisharsány, Palkonya and Beremend

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